May 26th, 2001


Like, woah.

So, like, me and Rob... you know, Rob, he's like the one with the sister that's like pregnant and shit and yeah, yeah, kinda brown haired and with like a face and shit. And yeah. Oh yeah. So we're like sitting and watching tv and shit and this movie comes on, you know, like on some channel that was like for showing movies and shit or something, and it was some movie and it had these two old chicks that got young and Bruce whatsis name from like Die Hard and shit and except it kinda sucked because he had no guns and was some kinda kook or some shit like that and yeah... yeah. And like they said it was like some shit like "Death Becomes Her" or some shit like that and we thought shit man that's rad, like Death Becomes Her, it must totally be like some kinda transformer or something and they kick ass with their robot bits and their lasers and shit, and lasers are so totally the shit and like bow bow and zippa zappa and shit and yeah... dude. And it was really freaky, there was like this cute chick and we were like sha-WING and shit and zow and all that but the rest of the movie was totally wack, with like a bottle of glowing pepto that totally fucked people up like made them look better but all weird and shit and then the chicks like died and didn't die and their heads were on backwards and shit and I'm all like woooah and shit and woaaaaah and freaking out and falling off the couch and Rob's like chill dude it's just a puppet they aren't real and I'm like but dude check it out they're like talking and puppets can't talk unless they're chuckie or some shit and fuck man and he's like holy crap dude you're right and fuuck and oh shit and we're like almost pissing out pants and totally freaked out and then some shit happened and I like fell asleep or something. Yeah. I don't really remember much else of that shit but it was crazy shit I tell you, totally fucked up and shit, and freeeeeow. Shit, man. Yeah. Wooah. Man.


(This post has been brought to you by my imagination and the Helena Rubenstein Foundation, and by the letters F and U and the numbers 6 and 9. Have a good day.)
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Redefining Late

I should be in Manhattan with my son in 20 minutes. If we left now we'd get there in maybe an hour. Oops? :)

Still, I can't say I'm all that upset. I'm looking forward to the BBQ, but this was the first relaxing, lazy, luxurious morning I've taken for myself in a long time. I actually feel kinda good right now, ready to face the day, even if it did take until noon for me to get here. ;)

Anyway, off to pack up and go to my boss's BBQ. Should be fun, even if the weather does suck rancid, flea-bitten, leprous, scabby, diseased, smelly, dripping, moss-covered donkey testicles.

Aw yeah.
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...I'm off. A full 2 hours later than I originally planned on leaving. D'oh.
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