May 25th, 2001



Kinda depressed. Dunno why. Should've gone to bed hours ago; I'm barely conscious but I can't bring myself to go to sleep.

I should get the baby packed up; he's going to be spending the weekend with his mother. I think that depresses me for some reason but I'm not sure why.

I need to call my cousin tomorrow night and let her know I'm coming to her wedding. RSVP and all.

Ugh. Life sucks.
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I'm wearing my towel. Are you*?

* - I find it somewhat disappointing that I haven't seen a single other towel out today, and I've passed thousands of people on my commute - I'm in Manhattan after all. Not only that, but of the pictures submitted for towel day, all of the people are at home in a dark room. That doesn't spread the word, that doesn't require any courage or thought, it just requires possession of a towel. Get off your duff, people, and BRING A TOWEL WITH YOU. If you're nervous, carry it inconspicuously, but damnit, don't hide in your room. That ruins the point of towel day. I'm sitting at my desk here, towel over my shoulders. If I can do it, you can too**.

** - You may think I'm a bit weird for wearing a towel, and I am***.

*** - Sometimes you have to be weird****.

**** - Weird is relative*****.

***** - Relatives are especially weird.


...I have accomplished nothing useful.

Puttering around.

Futzing with things.

Poking at things.


At least I'm wearing my towel. I'm thinking I should start carrying one around with me everywhere, all the time. They really are useful, and my backpack has the room most of the time*. Plus it would act as extra padding for my laptop.

* - Today I really am wearing it, much like a scarf, but I think it'd just be too inconvenient most days. It's a bit clunky, and almost blew away a few times while I was walking to work. So, the backpack.

Fun With Email

From: Nicholas Tang <ntang@domain>
To: [jr admin]
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<jr admin@domain>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

From: Nicholas Tang <ntang@domain>
To: [jr admin] <jr admin@domain>
Cc: [group alias]@[domain]
Subject: Re: Missing Heartbeat

On Fri, 25 May 2001, [jr admin] wrote:

> I don't know -why- this machine was bothering [admin] last night. It hasn't
> been putting out heartbeats for a couple of days, but no harm done.
> [admin] put the heartbeat entry into root's crontab. I enabled remove logging
> to @loghost Heartbeats should actually reach [machine] now.

[Meanwhile, across the city in a dark shadowy room...]

Dark Shadowy B: (DSB) "So, how go the tests?"

Dark Shadowy G: (DSG) "They proceed according to plan. We are
alternating test subjects on a weekly basis, robbing them of sleep and instilling a great hatred of beeping things in them."

DSB: "Excellent, excellent."

DSG: "The first test subjects have already begun hunting out and
destroying small beeping objects. And the odd squeaking rodent."

DSB: "Excellent. Soon we shall have our zombie army, able to be driven into a bloodthirsty rage at the sound of a mere beep! And then... we shall conquer the world!"

[pregnant pause]

DSB: "Muahahahahah!"

DSG: "Muahahahahah!"

Both: "Muahahahahah!"


I'm beginning to scare myself.

I haven't gotten a single comment about the obvious towel wrap'd 'round my neck today. Not one. Nobody has even thought it slightly odd. I think this says something about peoples' perception of me. Half scary and half amusing.

Also, firelegend posted a link to the CNN story on the wedding floor that collapsed, killing 25+ people. The story describes how they were dancing on the dance floor and suddenly the floor just gave way, dropping them and burying several. I read this, and started to giggle.


I scare myself.

I think I definitely count as jaded New Yorker.

In other news, I really like sweet peppers (red especially) on my sandwich. It definitely makes the sandwich. And, hurrah, Blimpie's has them. I'm not used to delis and the like having sweet red peppers for sandwiches, I dunno why. I suppose most must, but I never see them behind the glass.

I think I want a milkshake now. Hmmm. *licks lips and ponders*