May 22nd, 2001


Urrrrgghhhh.... *drool*

Aarrgghhh... been programming for too long, brain fuzzing up, vision clouding, blerg.

Does anyone else get that problem? After a while you just lose your mind and can't stare at code for a little while without a break? I'm hitting that point now, and it's frustrating me. I could be done already but each new line is taking exponentially more effort to squeeze out, and my brain is screaming at me to stop.


I'm not cut out to be a programmer.

Shortening cookies with chips

I hate this. In an attempt to give them that "freshly baked chewiness" cookies nowadays are so loaded with shortening that the whole experience is corrupted. I bet some kids don't even know what it's like to have a real freshly-baked and soft cookie, vs. one that's been artificially softened. Hell, I bet they don't even know what a real cookie tastes like, some of them.

Damn, this is a travesty. A TRAVESTY I SAY!

We must remedy this.

First step: get Subway to stop making its cookies with 99% shortening.


Programming with my brain in this fuzzy state is bad. The code I'm outputting is UGLY and shitty. The stuff I was writing earlier was actually pretty nice - clean (for me) code, nicely formatted, properly broken up into subroutines, laid out neatly...

But now... I'm just spewing crap all over the place in an attempt to finish the script. I'm so fucking close and because of that I want to FINISH and it's just not going well. UGh.


YAaaah!! I just finished the "first working draft" of the 2nd version of my netsaint notification aggregator.

It rocks. And I feel tired. Ugh.

Now to configure everything and put it into production and see what breaks.

Yipee!!! ;)