May 17th, 2001


Netsaint output

I've been pondering and I'm thinking of just re-writing the entire netsaint notification scheme, using an external program. That way it won't affect anyone who wants to use the standard scheme, but for those that want a different one, it'll let them just slap it in and replace the old one entirely.

The one I'm writing will, first off, log all notifications to a file. Then that file will be periodically processed (via a cron-job) and notifications will be sent out by it. However, because it's batch-processing them, it can do nifty things like NOT SEND A SEPARATE PAGE FOR EVERY BLOODY PROBLEM. When you're monitoring over 1000 services, this is a nice thing.

My goal is to make a robust but sensible paging mechanism, designed to work well for those who are monitoring large-scale environments and simply can't afford to get paged for every single problem that occurs. I'm still trying to decide how exactly I want to manage it.

I may make it an entirely separate 'product' to add-on to Netsaint, as I might end up having to replicate the entire notification scheme. I'd like to work _with_ Netsaint, at least to handle things like the time periods and such. I don't want my program to have to dig through the Netsaint config files in addition to its own and do all of that work. I also want Netsaint to handle the other timing - i.e. re notifications and the like.

So, anyway, that's my goal. It definitely needs reworking, I just need to figure out the best way.

Anyway, now that my pager has been quiet for 20 minutes straight (a record for tonight :/ ), I'm going to assume it's napping and try to get some sleep myself.

G'nite all.
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I'm cursed, I swear... the DB for our brand-new highly-profitable section died... it came back up, but the disk array it was hooked up to didn't. Called their support line, waiting to hear, they're going to send a tech over supposedly. Sigh. I don't think I'll ever get a full night of sleep (or even close to it) ever again.


I finished the initial 'build' of my new Netsaint notification system.

My God, it rocks.

I rock.

I will sleep better tonight thanks to this.

God bless me.

Bah, PC.

I'm getting really tired of how PC everyone is nowadays.

I can understand people getting offended at Brad's post, but it was a post he made in his own private journal which people chose to read.

I do think 'public figures' need to be held to the same standards as everyone else; but I wonder sometimes if they all need to be held to higher standards. I'm willing to bet in the 120,000 or so users than at least, I dunno, 10 or 20 thousand have posted remarks that could be construed as hostile to overweight people. So, Brad posts one, and suddenly people are canceling accounts and leaving? Ok, call him on it, fine, maybe start a discussion in your community, but don't you think you're over-reacting just a little bit?

As someone who rides a bus 2 hours a day, I can appreciate the difficulty of having to sit next to someone who's extremely overweight. It might not be that person's fault (although some are rude and won't even try to make room for anyone else) but it's also not like he leaped up and screamed at her in public. He kept quiet and then complained in his personal journal.

Sigh. I'm so tired of this. Get a life, people, and if you're so easily offended, maybe you ought to learn to sit back and relax a bit. Life's too short, if you take mortal offense at everything that's said you'll never have a chance to enjoy life. I survived public school as a half-Asian nerd, and got my share of taunts because of it, and learned to live with them. Surely you can survive reading a post someone made that was directed at his friends, not at you.

That's all I have to say on this matter. For now.