May 16th, 2001



Tired. Must get kids to bed and do laundry and then pass out.

Big things tomorrow. Um... dunno what, but I foresee them.

Turned on paging in Netsaint today. Bad choice of days to enable it. :P Wouldn't be so bad if our old monitor was turned off today.

Because of this, writing a utility to aggregate notifications and send them periodically (kicked off by cron). Will post it to my site tomorrow or whenever I finish it. Will cause much rejoicing.

Rock on.
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And lest I forget:


(i hate being on call)
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Bills bills bills

Did the laundry (still need to fold it and put it away, though). Now, it's time to pay the bills. Oh, I hate this part. Then again, I hate the laundry too, although mainly just the folding and putting away part.

Mmmmm... I must say, though, I do love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Yum. They shall get me through this ordeal.

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