May 15th, 2001



Mailing lists kick butt. Finally found the info on the veritas netbackup error types thanks to a kind soul on the veritas-bu mailing list.

*dances around*

Now my script is a little better. And with more to come...! I need to post the new version on my site. Hmmm.

(*listens to the clock ticking on the deadline and sighs*)

This is annoying, though, I'm not going to get as much done as I wanted before I turn paging on in Netsaint. It's not a huge deal, but it's frustrating. Still, we'll get it sending pages.


< > & @ /
mail -S "subject" > 2&>1 /dev/null &
<a href=""><img src="foo.png" alt="yoda"></a>
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