May 4th, 2001


"Good night moon...

...good night stars, good night lamp, good night chair, good night monitor, good night boots, good night trashcan, good night drunken whore, good night suicidal rodent, good night bling blings, good night foo, good night things*. Oh, and good night to you, too."

Finally done... cleaned up**... got the stuff ready for tomorrow... did the bills... filled out my jury form*** ( :( :( :( ), and all that good stuff. So tired... getting dizzy... damnit... well, bed, here I come, ready or not.

* - Disclaimer: I've never actually read Good Night Moon, so I may have misquoted it slightly.

** - Bear in mind, the concept of "cleaned up" is all relative.

*** - God damn bloody jury form... I requested to be excused since I'm a single father and have to be home for the kids... hope they buy it. Damned bastards. It's from the courthouse in Newark, too - that damn thing is like an hour and a half away from me, maybe more! What the hell?! Seriously, the school doesn't open until 8 am, and it closes at 6 pm - figure at least 1.5 hours each way and that leaves me with only 7 hours there. Realistically, maybe 6 hours - like 10 am to 4 pm. What hours do you have to be there if you're on the jury? Does anyone know? And are they jerks, or will they let me off because of my situation? I hope so. It's going to _really_ suck if I have to try to manage the kids AND jury duty. Sigh.
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Networks suck. We need redundant pipes to the internet and redundant direct connects to our cage. We're always having network outages. Damnit.


Bloody hell.


Although in all honesty I rather like working here. ;) But still, it's nice to have a weekend periodically, you know, every 7 days give or take. ;)

Me and my 1 year old are roughing it together this weekend while the 5 year old spends the weekend with his mommy. Should be interesting. I'll miss him, haven't had much time with him recently and had been hoping to have a father-son weekend this weekend. Oh well. Not next weekend, that's my cousin's graduation and mother's day all rolled into one. Maybe the weekend after. Sigh.

Off I go.