May 3rd, 2001


Should've gone to sleep... didn't.

Now I'm off to bed. Been suffering from insomnia for a while... of course, I'm so tired I can't actually focus enough to work on anything useful like lj_textmessage or my image gallery. So I sit up and surf the 'net and stare at the ceiling and do other pointless things like that. Sometimes if I'm "motivated" and my vision hasn't started blurring yet, I'll read a book for a while.

Tonight I browsed LJ for a bit and installed and ran analog against my personal server. Amusing... 132,000 requests, but almost 100,000 of those were between June 2000 and October 2000 and all from local ip's. I guess my wife was hitting her page a lot, or something. Probably doing the "edit, reload, edit, reload, edit, reload..." thing.

Since Jan 2001, I've done around... around 2000 page views. 1592 of those happened in March. What was going on in March? The stats make little sense to me. I think next time I run them, I'll restrict them to starting at Jan 1 2001. Anything else is pointless. I also need to work on the analog config, it's outputting too much useless crap, and not enough useful crap. Still, I'm impressed - it's really as fast as they say. Damned impressive. Next I need to get Report Magic set up, so I can get pretty graphs of the 50 page views I get every month. ;)

God... it's past 1:30 am already. Hehe, at some point the shit's going to hit the fan. My body can only take so many of these nights, and I know it, but I don't know what to do to fix it. The heat isn't helping... I know my Texan friend would (did) laugh at my complaints, but damn... after months of sub-40 degree weather with the occasional spot of sub-50 degree weather, I'm just not used to the 80's any more. And when it gets into the 90's... ugh...

I should start working out again, that might help me sleep. Maybe, maybe not. Even if it didn't at least I'd start getting in better shape again.

G'nite all.
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Oh, incidentally...

...for those of you who haven't used it recently, or not at all, Mozilla has been getting very slick recently. I will state outright that I hate the new look - but it's gotten fast and reliable like I wouldn't have believed possible just a few short months ago. I've been using it as my primary browser for months, and it's almost becoming my only browser nowadays - the only reason it isn't is so that I can watch my friends page on both of my LJ accounts at once (two logins, two cookies, means two browsers ;) ). Other than that, I use Mozilla exclusively - and it is REALLY nice.

If you're at all interested in it, wait a few days, and download Mozilla 0.9 when it comes out. 0.8.1 is old and a bit out of date, but 0.9 should be out any day now - and having used the daily builds, I can say that it should finally be "ready" for the general populace to try out. Is it perfect? Hell no. Is it as fast or as stable or as feature-filled as it should be? Nope. Is it pretty damn good regardless, and improving rapidly? Yep.

So, check it out. I'll post again once 0.9 has been released. Get it, you'll like it. For those of you jaded, misinformed bastards that grabbed Netscape 6 or 6.01 - trust me, it's SO much better you'll be amazed they're even supposedly related. I've played with Netscape 6.x and I hate it - but I love Mozilla. Imagine if, say, a lamborghini was taken into a, say, yugo shop, and modified by a 6 drunken yugo engineers, a horny chimpanzee, and 3 chihuahuas - that's about the equivalent of what happened to Mozilla when Netscape took it, raped it*, and released the resulting bastard, inbred, 6-toed toothless love-child as Netscape 6.

* - I realize this statement, much like Brad's retarded error message, is somewhat politically incorrect. I apologize deeply to all of the bastard, inbred, 6-toed toothless love-children I've offended. To everyone else, I say this: fuck you. Or, if you're a cute... well, never mind. Ok, I will say rape is nothing to joke about and I do feel a bit guilty about using it to illustrate my point, but it just seemed so appropriate in a terribly inappropriate and offensive way. Does that make any sense? Look, it's 2 am and I've got insomnia. I've been getting 4 or less hours of sleep every night for weeks. I'm basically delirious at this point. If you don't like it, don't read my bloody journal.
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What the hell...?

Someone just emailed me a job opportunity for a Windows NT developer (programmer) working with Visual C++, LDAP, ActiveX...

What in the nine hells were they thinking? I'm a =UNIX= =SYSTEM= =ADMINISTRATOR=. I run UNIX BOXEN. I write some PERL. I have never in my life used Microsoft Visual C++ and with a bit of luck I NEVER WILL. The headhunter obviously had never actually READ my resume, or he's technically illiterate. Either way, he shouldn't have been sending me job offers for stupid windows programming spots.

Sorry, I'm just so damn sick of headhunters bugging me (the drawback to being a successful senior sys admin is that my head is worth a lot more than the average tech's... so headhunters come after me like you wouldn't bloody believe...). I have a job already. I'm happy here. GO TO HELL!

If you are a headhunter and you're reading this, I don't want to hear from you unless you have an uber-fantastic job where everyone loves their position and works 6 hours or less per day, the pay is at least 25% more than my current income, and they have stock options, performance bonuses, 6 month salary reviews, and annual bonuses on top of it. Oh, and I want a signing bonus. Otherwise, SLAG OFF!

(No, I don't think any headhunters will be reading this, but you never know. And if I've inadvertantly insulted anyone, screw you too. Yes, I'm in a bad mood. No, I don't know why. Probably lack of sleep and stress.)

BP Dating...

From an inter-office email:

"Exciting news! At 4pm today, BP Dating crossed 1,000 subscribers. On average, people are subscribing for nearly 2 months and about 1/3 of the subscribers are women. Both of these statistics are much higher than we thought we could achieve at such an early stage. They clearly indicate the power of the brand that the staffs of, PDT and the SA group have built."

So... 1,000 subscribers in a little over 2 days. Not bad. Hmmm. Go go go profits. Amazing, I'm going to be working for a profitable dot com. Hot damn. :)
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UPS sucks

DateTimeLocation Activity

Ok... today's the third... and according to their stupid tracking the package has been scanned and nothing else.

Two possibilities:

1.) UPS sucks because their tracking is so pathetic and never up to date, but at least the package is already en route and not just sitting in a warehouse post-scan.

2.) UPS sucks even more because they really are letting it rot in a warehouse in Trenton when it should be halfway across the country by now.

Conclusion: UPS sucks.

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ACKT! Pffffffft kah kah blaaaaa.



Blkaaaaaaaaaahggggggklllllllackkahkahakha.... kah....


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Ugh. :/

Passed out briefly on my bed (I think briefly, maybe an hour or two). Guess I really was tired. Sigh.

Gotta get some stuff done for tomorrow before I go back to bed... then as soon as I'm done with that... time to crash.