May 2nd, 2001



Accomplishments for today:



Oh yeah, I wrote a Netsaint plugin to check the status of our tape jukebox in (Veritas) NetBackup.



I decided to check out Sultan II today. It's apparently pretty new, and it's a Turkish fast food place, a spin-off of some place on the upper east side called Sultan (surprise surprise). I had a chicken doner sandwich - basically a bread pocket (like a pita) filled with sliced chicken, and topped with a salad more or less - lettuce and some veggies and tomatoes, and then with "white sauce" and/or "hot sauce". Reminds me of the pigeon-wagon we used to eat at back when I worked at THINC, except a respectable restaurant rather than a dubious-looking food cart. :)

It was pretty good. Messy, though, pieces kept falling out. And a bit expensive - that plus a 20 oz bottle of coke was around $7.50. Still, nice for a change of pace. Better than the Subway sandwich I was considering otherwise.

There's a Daikichi Sushi nearby, but their inari sushi's kinda lame and that's the only kind of sushi I eat. (I don't eat raw fish.) They do, however, have Sapporo Ichiban noodle cups, which I hadn't even realized existed. Last week I had a plate of inari sushi and a SI cup and that wasn't half bad, although neither was as good as I was hoping.

There's also McDonald's, of course. And some expensive, trendy places that are beyond my meager sys-admin-salary means. (Ok, that's sarcasm, but they ARE more expensive than I'm willing to pay on a daily basis. Maybe for a treat once in a while. But they look too trendy anyway, bastards.) Or delis, for sandwiches, or pizza. I've been wanting Indian food but I don't know any cheap Indian places nearby, unfortunately. Some Chinese or Thai would be nice too, but at least when I go down to the colo facility I can get that in Chinatown, which is better than any local place would be anyway. :)

Ah well.

Nice, relaxing day today. Feel like I should've accomplished more, though. Oh well. Life is tough sometimes. And I'm still am a bit sleep deprived.

So tired... desperate need of sleep. But so much to do... need to clean up, need to do laundry, the kids obviously are constantly needing me, and got mother's day and my cousin's graduation coming up. Sigh. Then I've also got a bunch of other things to deal with. The next two weeks are going to be rather hellish I think.

Step One: get some sleep.

I'll think of step two after I wake up.

I'll wake up after I go to sleep.

I'll go to sleep after I get the kids put in bed.

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