April 29th, 2001


Kozmo memories...

...well, since Kozmo is officially dead, I don't see any point to keeping these hidden anymore.

Around 8 months ago, we launched a huge project over at Kozmo - we moved the entire web site from Exodus (over in Jersey City, NJ) to Global Center, in Manhattan. Most companies would do the logical thing, i.e. move the computers. We did the rich dotcom thing, and we bought all-new ones to put in the new datacenter. :)

There were two senior sys admins there at the time, me and another guy. He took ownership of the webservers, and I took on the db servers. His task was to build out 10 webservers, Sun E420R's, each w/4 cpu's and 2G of RAM. Yeah, maxed out. Yeah, like $40 grand a piece. Like I said, rich dotcom thing. My job was a little more interesting, a little more complex.

I was handed 4 Sun E6500 servers, each w/24 cpu's and 24G of RAM and had to build it into a cluster using Veritas Cluster Server. Woot. :) That was a fun project.

Anyway, the fateful day came, we synced the data across from Exodus to GC, and then launched. The official launch date was christened "Go Live". These pics are from that night and the following morning.

Enjoy. :)

(Disclaimer: the gallery there was NOT created with my handy-dandy script, I did that by hand a few days after I took the photos. ;) )
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...put in a little dev time on my current "evil" project for a friend. It's harmless, but keeps me amused. I'm doing it more for the technical 'challenge' of figuring out how to get it to work, and he's using it for nefarious purposes of course. ;)