ntang (ntang) wrote,

An Open Letter to Whiny People.

Whiny people, you annoy me.

I realize LJ has had its share of problems recently, but you have to give Brad and Dormando a lot of credit for really putting in the hours to get the stuff fixed*.

There are a lot of people using free accounts who still whine incessantly, not only in their own journals (which is mildly annoying but fine, that's their space) but post comments in lj_maintenance, or lj_dev, or news, or Brad's journal, or where ever, bitching about it.

Come ON already, it's a FREE SERVICE and one which is, IMNSHO, better than any other out there (in the journalling/diary/etc. space, anyway). If it's less than perfect, DEAL WITH IT. If you think it should be improved, HELP. That means contributing a.) time and effort, or b.) money (or c.) both**).

If you must whine, and I realize we all have those days, then do it on your own private journal. Even better, mark it private so you don't subject anyone else to it. You've got every right to whine, and I fully support your Right to Whine! You don't, however, have to subject us to it. Really. We'll survive just fine without it. Honest.

Thank you.

Nicholas Tang

* - I realize Brad and Dormando are now both getting paid to do this, and it could very well be argued that hey, it's their job, right? Well, yeah - but they're getting paid crap, and I've known a lot of people (i.e., most) who put in a lot less effort for a lot more pay than either of them get. Heck, I don't work nearly as hard on my job most days as they do on LJ, and I get paid a lot more than LJ is paying them. :)

* - I fall into the "c" category, and I still don't generally bitch about it. Maybe because I appreciate what it's worth and how much effort it takes to keep it going. ;)

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