ntang (ntang) wrote,

Live webcast

There's a live simulcast on the networks as well as a webcast of "A Tribute to Heroes". Dunno what the content is, it probably sucks, but it might be worthwhile.


Update: Ok, so it's a telethon to raise money for the disaster recover effort. It's got a lot of musicians performing live music, which if you like any of them I guess is pretty cool, they're all doing it for free. I don't think they're doing a very good job, though, and I'm not personally enjoying it. It's also doing the whole melodramatic emotional thing, but not doing it well. All in all I'm not impressed. The people who died deserve better than this. :/

Update 2: Hehe, ok, actors are also giving cheesy fake emotional speeches. Some of them seem like the emotion may be real, but most of them seem... otherwise. They should get David Letterman up there, he had more emotion in his monologue than all of the actors so far.

Musicians I've recognized so far: Mariah Carey, Sting, Eddie Vedder... think one of the chicks may have been Sheryl Crow but I'm not familiar enough with her. I think I remember seeing Bon Jovi too. I apparently missed Tom Petty and Billy Joel earlier. D'oh.

Update 3: Ewww. First we see Paul Simon MAUL Bridge Over Troubled Waters and now Celine Dion is singing God Bless America. Hello? She's Canadian, and a Canadian that even Canada doesn't want. Let her sing the Afghani nation anthem or something, get her off the damn stage!

Update 4: I didn't mean to offend any Canadians, but I just feel it would be more appropriate for someone who is a.) American and b.) not shitty to sing that particular song. She has plenty of her own crappy songs to spew at us.

Update 5: Clint Eastwood is screwing up his lines badly.

Update 6: The actors are also manning the telephones (so if you want to talk to a random celebrity, call in and donate :P ). I feel halfway between a tv commentator and part of mst3k.

Update 7: It's over now. All in all I found it very disappointing, but it was for a good cause and I hope it raised a decent amount of money.

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