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Field Trip!

Tomorrow we've got a company picnic/outing/whatever. Of course it's during the week so I can't bring the kids (well, I could bring the baby, but he'd be a handful and a half, and my older son of course has to be in school tomorrow). It's also got lots of "physical activities" planned, i.e. sports. Uh, yay. I didn't like sports when I was in school and I don't like them now. I'd be up for trying a game of football (I'd suck but it might be fun regardless, but it'd probably only be touch which removes the point of it anyways) but that's not planned, only harmless sports like wiffleball. Sigh. I'll probably spend a lot of time standing around annoyed. (Hey, at least I'm being honest.)

Still, I'll try to have fun. I like this company and it'd be nice to get along with people and whatever, but I'm just so terrible at the whole group activity thing. I much prefer one on one or small groups, being out there with 50 people is going to leave me feeling awkward at best. Still, I can hope. Too bad there won't be booze, a few drinks might relax me a bit. :P

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