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Celtic animal

My celtic animal is the goose. WTF? That's the best the celts could do? Damnit. Glad I'm half chinese. Goose. Sheesh. And ruling planet of the moon? Jesus christ I don't even rate a real planet. Why don't they just make it "space debris" and get it over with? Damn.

Date of Birth: September 30 - October 27
Animal: Goose
Gaelic Name: Geadh (Approximate pronunciation: Gia-gh.)
Ruling Planet: Moon
Keywords: Veiling, Direction, Vigilance, Stamina
Gift Quality or Ability: Goose people are generous providers but also
thrifty savers and investors regarding their future security. They have a
sharp intellect as well as a wit. Artistic. Protection, fertility, and
Birth Stone: Opal
Compatibility: Harmonious relations with the signs of seal and otter. Will
also relate well to the signs of adder, stag and salmon. Difficulties may
be expected in relation to all other signs.

From here: http://www.magickalmoon.com/celticmoon/celticanimal.htm

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