ntang (ntang) wrote,

Back to the grind

It's weird being back at work. After a week where I basically didn't go to work except Monday, where I spent most of my week in the city joining in the disaster relief efforts, going back and being at work feels strange.

I wasn't as deeply affected by the experience as my brother in law was, I wasn't the one on the front lines digging up bodies and hearing the screams of the trapped people, seeing people next to him get hurt by falling rocks or flames that burst from underground flames. I'm worried about him. He was there on Wednesday and part of Thursday, and he's still heavily shaken. Fortunately he's admitted this and is going in for some of the free post-traumatic counseling NYU is giving. I'm glad to know that, hopefully it will help.

I'm trying to adjust to "normal" life again, but life will never really be normal again. A lot of what I do feels really trivial now. I'm having a lot of trouble seeing the point to so much of this. I'll get over it in a few days, maybe even a few hours, but it's very weird being here and thinking about what happened and seeing them in perspective.

Oh well. I gotta get back to work. We'll see.

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