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Just heard from my mom. Miraculously both of my cousins are alive and well. Still no word from the other friend I've been trying to reach. I think I may have gotten out of this without losing anyone. I should be relieved but instead I feel mostly numb.

No, I feel mostly exhausted. I just feel worn out. I want to go to sleep for days and days.

My son just brought in some papers and handed them to me, saying he forgot to give them to me before. "Where were they?" "On my desk." "From when?" "From Kindergarten." !!! "Kindergarten?!" "Yeah, remember, last year when I went to school I was in Kindergarten..." he said, walking off. I looked at it and started to laugh and then almost started crying. Boy am I a mess.

I have to go pick up the baby in a minute. I think as soon as I can get them to bed I'm going to go to bed myself. So tired.
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