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The morning of the 11th

My brother in law had come and visited the night before, to hang out with me and see the kids. He comes over from time to time.

He was there, so the two of us dropped my younger son off at daycare and then took my 6 year old to school. We dropped him off around 8:10 or 8:15, I don't remember exactly. After that we went and waited for the bus and hopped on the first one that arrived, at around 8:25. I was tired so did my usual thing, i.e., passed out.

He woke me up around 8:40, telling me we were getting close. A minute or two later the guy next to me suddenly got my attention and said "Look at that!" and pointed out the window. I turned and saw smoke pouring from the side of the tower.

"What happened? Was is it a fire?"

He told me he didn't know. It looked like it was. I shook my brother in law and pointed out the window. We all looked at it for a minute as the bus drove along the highway. The guy sitting next to me turned back to me and asked if I had a radio. I shrugged and said no, so he turned around looking to see if anyone else nearby did, then turned and looked back at the window.

It didn't seem that bad to me, just a little smoke coming from the tower. People would be evacuated, they'd put it out, the day'd continue, maybe with a few people getting out of work for a day or two.

Someone a few rows behind us muttered something about a plane. I looked at my brother in law and then the guy next to me. "What did they say?" Something about a plane hitting it. I looked at the tower again. It couldn't have been a very big one.

We pulled into the Lincoln Tunnel and lost sight of the towers. I chatted with my brother in law and the guy next to me while we rode through the tunnel, trying to make some sense of it. How could a plane have hit the towers? If it wasn't just a silly rumor it must have been intentional, I said. No one could hit the towers by accident. Even if they were idiots, there were no other buildings at the same height at which they hit. Had they turned to either side they'd have missed the towers and been able to land or crash somewhere else. But if it was intentional...

My brother in law asked if I wanted to play hookie and try to go somewhere to get a better look at it, either down to the site or maybe up on top of the Empire State Building. I said no, I had work to do.

When we got off the bus we walked past a huge crowd of people standing around the television at the top of the escalators, and then we went down and headed for the subway. We crossed the street and took a look at the towers. There was a lot more smoke around them this time. He asked me again if I wanted to at least go in to work a little late. I declined and so we got on the subway and I went to work.

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