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One last map for now

The X's might be a little off, but they're close enough. Again, for a sense of perspective, the park is ~2 miles long.

The image was taken from encarta.com and then I slapped the X's on.

You can see Hackensack on that map, I slapped a red X near it. That's where I live.

On the map, I x'd the WTC, and then above that there are 3 X's close together. The left-most one is approximately where Pier 40 is; the one right and a little below that one is approximately Houston St. where I talked to the cops and was sent to Pier 40; the X above that is ~where I work, maybe a little too far south.

The 2 X's east of the park are approximately where the blood center and her apartment (where we were given the pillows and blankets).
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