ntang (ntang) wrote,

The morning after

(Written this morning after waking up - but the t1 at work was down since yesterday afternoon when 7 WTC collapsed. Apologies if it's disjointed or silly, but I had just woken up on a new day after the horrors of yesterday. Deal.)

Woken up this morning by my dad calling to check and see how I was doing. He told me my grandparents had called a few times to see if I was ok. Woke up my brother in law and then we headed downstairs so he could take a smoke.

The day was cool and bright, and all around people were going about their days as if nothing happened. The anger I felt at it yesterday was gone. I remembered the sight of thousands of people crowding out on the street, watching the buildings burn and collapse, holding each other, biting their lips, crying on each others shoulders. People did care - they just didn't let it defeat them. Sure, maybe some of the people going about their days were just callous, but many more of them were like me - they had seen the horror and had gathered the strength to keep on going on with their lives even in the face of such horror. If we had been broken by this, the terrorists would have won. We weren't. We kept on going. We didn't let them win.

New Yorkers are known for being the toughest, most ornery bastards in the country, and we've shown just how tough we were. We felt the pain, we saw the horror, but we survived.

The city is closed below 14th street to allow the search and cleanup and rescue attempts to go on without interruption. There are shelters opened up around the city to help people without a place to go, and the hospitals and blood banks and red cross offices are all looking for blood donors - and getting them, in spades. The blood center (www.nycbloodcenter.org I believe) at 67th street had a line so long it was going around the block an hour ago - and I think it's only gotten longer since then.

The trains are running again, so I'm heading down to my dad's place now, to meet up with my kids and then hopefully head home.

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