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I'm thankful that this happened so early, and not an hour or two later when hundreds or thousands more would have been killed. I'm also thankful it happened while the weather was still warm so that the hundreds or thousands of people unable to return to their homes didn't have to deal with the cold as well.

I'd like everyone to think about the 250+ cops and emts and firefighters and others that struggled to save as many lives as possible and in many cases gave their own lives doing it. A lot of them had family, children, wives of their own. They gave their lives trying to save the lives of others. I'm not asking anyone, no matter your political beliefs, to say a prayer for them. But please, I'd like everyone to stop hating for just a little while and to remember that no matter what you think of the NYPD or police departments in general, or arabs or muslims in general for that matter, that when it counted, they were there helping, regardless of anything else, risking and in many cases losing their lives trying to help others. Blood banks all across the country are filled practically to overflowing by the infusion (pun not intended) of blood from donors rushing in and taking hours out to give what they could. There were so many people trying to volunteer to help yesterday that they were turning us all away for lack of work for us to do. I think that has to count for something. It's not a time to hate and to lash out at others. This is not a time for retribution. Justice, perhaps, but not retribution, and not anger, and not hate.

So please, if you can't say anything nice, just don't say anything at all. How about a one day break from the hatred and anger? Please, just this once? That's all I ask.

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