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Just got back. Called my grandparents to let them know I'm ok. I feel exhausted. Talked briefly to my brother in law over AIM, he helped all morning and is back at the office trying to rest up before going back out to help again. I'm proud of him. I know getting back to the kids was important but I feel really horrible for not staying longer to help. I know I have my own responsibilities but there were so many people who needed help. :/ It's hard to accept. I know I have to put my children first but I can't help but think that I still should've stayed anyways. They would've been safe at my dad's place and I could've at least stayed until tonight or tomorrow morning. I dunno. I feel terribly guilty at not having done more, knowing there were people that needed help. He said I was doing the right thing going back to my children. I wish I could convince myself.

I took the time to write some entries about my experiences on my laptop earlier, I'll post them later, as well as posting new stuff too. I think right now I just need to go lay down, I'm exhausted in more ways than one and on the verge of tears.

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