ntang (ntang) wrote,


Well, I walked down to union square, stopped some doctors walking in the street and was told to head to Beth Israel on 17th and 1st. So I headed there, but they have so many volunteers they aren't accepting any more until tomorrow or the day after.

So I headed downtown to see if I could help. I got down to Houston street and was sent over to Pier 40. So I walked over there, to the command center, and was thanked but told that they had more than enough people (there were hundreds of cops there, plus guys in fatigues (looked like army) maybe even thousands) and that if I wanted to help I could try to call the Mayor's Office.

Now I'm going t ohave lunch then go uptown to 67th and 1st which is the only place still accepting blood.

Tired, just got back from walking fast nonstop since my last post. Gleh.
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