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People jumped out of the windows at the WTC before the towers collapsed. There are hoards of people walking and running across the bridges and up the street trying to get away from everything.

Both towers are down, they both collapsed, there's just empty space in the skyline and smoke all over.

I looked out the window and people were just running around in a panic in the streets. People are so stupid. We're 30 blocks away, 40 even maybe, we're as safe as can be considering, and people are panicking here.

A lot of people are freaking out, they had friends or family who worked in or near the WTC. I have a friend I can't reach, I only had his cell number, all cellular traffic is down or close to it since the major broadcasting point was from the top of the towers.

They're evacuating all of Manhattan south of Canal, and several other major buildings and sites. All public transportation is closed, the tunnels are closed too.

The pentagon was also hit by a plane, and part of it collapsed. The groundbreaking ceremony for the pentagon was 50 years ago today.

The CIA building, White House, and basically every other important building in Washington are being evacuated. A car bomb drove into one of the buildings, I forget which. A fire is going on at the Washington Mall.

Another plane crashed in western PA. No news on if it's related, yet.

I heard there's another plane en route to Washington. I hope they shoot it down before it can hit anything, if that is the case. Better to kill the people on board than to kill them plus hundreds or thousands more if they hit a target.

Heard Camp David might have been hit by another plane.

More, more, more... so much more to report, I can't keep up with all of it.

One of the planes was a 767, American Airlines Flight 11, hijacked on its way from Boston to LA. There were 158 people on board when it hit the WTC.

I was riding the bus this morning when the guy next to me shouldered me and pointed out the window. The towers were leaking smoke from a hole in the side. It didn't look that big. Then we heard as we got closer that it was a plane that hit it, people were whispering and looking out the windows.

Sorry, this is disjointed, I'm just spewing shit as I think of it or read it.

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