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I'm sure I've said it before but I'll say it again: I hate artificial scents. I hate perfumes. I hate colognes. I hate cigarettes. I hate potpourri. I hate scented baby wipes. I hate scented soaps. I hate scented shampoo and scented tissues and scented inner soles and scented deodorizers and scented this and scented that.

People make way too much effort to cover up the natural scents of things. If you shower regularly, there's no need to wear more than a light scent, unless you have really bad body odor or something, or are planning on working out heavily (in which case I'd say wear no scent and then just shower immediately after).

I rather like the natural scent of a person, most of the time. Generally it's subtle enough that you can't smell it unless you're up close to them, and if you're that close then a fully-scented perfume is strong enough to make your eyes water. (Well, mine anyways.)

I might've had a point to this at one point, but I don't any longer, other than to continue to reiterate my hatred of artificial scents.

Oh, and I was inspired to post this because I walked past the new person and she was wearing perfume and it made my nose itch.

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