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You'd think I'd learn.

I wanted to do my finances but I had decided that I could no longer stand to use a text document and just dump random stuff in there. Not only is it hard to visualize things and see trends, but it's nearly impossible to actually track multiple accounts, and I now have 3 checking accounts, a savings account, 5 credit cards, and 2 loans. Ouch. So I decided to get some help.

And... because it was easy... I decided to stray to the dark side.

I have a personal copy of Quicken that came with the computer, but I've used Quickbooks, the "professional" version of Quicken, and, quite simply, it blows goats. It's a pain in the butt to use and if you aren't running a business is a waste of time. I'd guess Quicken would be less of a pain and more useful for me but Quickbooks turned me off to it.

So I went with my other option, which was preinstalled on this box - Microsoft Money. *shudder*

Well, it was really easy to set up and add the info, and looks like it's got a lot of nice features, like being able to track spending over time, plan debt payments, see monthly financial statements for all of your accounts together, etc.

Of course, while running it, first I ran out of memory. So I closed down Mozilla and Outlook Express and Winamp and finished up and then rebooted. Bear in mind this piece of crap has 256M of RAM in it, and yet I'm still running out of memory. Bloody piece of crap.

So I boot back up, and what do I find out? For some god awfully stupid reason, M$ Money (har har pun intended) had changed my settings so every time I tried to use a networked application it brought up the dial-up window and if I clicked cancel it set the app to "work offline". Grrr.

Anyways I clicked around and found the #@$#@$^ place to change it and fixed it. Sigh. If I didn't like playing games I'd blow this away and make it a dual Win2k/Redhat box and be done with it, but unfortunately neither of those OS's makes for a decent gaming platform. And yes, I'm a gamer, although not a hardcore one. Honestly considering how rarely I actually play anything nowadays I really ought to just bite the bullet, but whatever. I figure in another 6 or 12 months either XP will work and I can switch to that or all of the new games will work on Win2k and I can switch to that. Heh, or through some inexplicable act of insanity every game publisher will release all new games to both linux and windows, but I figure Hell still was pretty warm last I checked, so I won't hold my breath on that one.

Anyways, this, in case you hadn't guessed, was just a long rambling rant about M$ and stuff, no point to it. Go about your business, nothing (worthwhile, interesting, whatever) to see here.

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