ntang (ntang) wrote,

Operation Ozone

My son finished Spy Fox: Operation Ozone today. He got it on Saturday morning, and we were out for most of Saturday and just about all of Monday. After he finished it, he finished it again in about an hour.

Humongous makes computer games for children. Their main group of games are adventure games. They are all well written and illustrated, full of interesting puzzles, some education material, and generally a lot of fun for kids too.

The only problem is that, this time around, the game was too easy. It was marked For Ages 7+ so I figured my 6 year old would be able to do it but possibly with some difficulty. He did have a couple of problems but I only had to nudge him a bit to get him back on track... and he finished it in basically one solid day of playing.

That's half scary and half disappointing. I think this Spy Fox game was shorter than average, but I also think he's gotten much, much better at these games. I'd have to give Spy Fox: Operation Ozone only a 3/5 because of its lack of length.

I dunno. He's definitely smart, though.

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