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Great day.

Nicholas: 3 - Murphy: 0.


So we had a great day today. We're 3/3 so far with tomorrow remaining - I will have a near-perfect long weekend with my son, just you watch.

So we got up and got ready and hopped on the 10:30 bus into the city. We got in a little after 11 (I love the way the normal bus on weekends is faster than the express bus during rush hour on weekdays) and then called my brother in law. There was a mixup (he didn't' hear me say hello, I didn't hear him say hello, probably a combination of bad reception and loud noises around me. Anyways we got things worked out and I took J up to the AMNH. We went into the discovery room, where he hogged the dinosaur and its bones and tried to put it together, and then when his uncle arrived we went to meet him and bring him in.

After we picked him up, we went and got lunch. Thank God for my member's discount, it was something like $15 for 2 people, including the 15% discount. Yikes.

After lunch we decided to go back to the Discovery Room, and that's when he met her. It was close friendship at first sight, and was absolutely adorable to behold. They were working together on building the dinosaur skeleton from its bones, and J kept on acting like a clown, pretending to fall down or fall into water or whatever and she was laughing hysterically - it was pretty adorable all around. After a while of that, they became inseparable. They spent the next 2 or 3 hours playing together, fighting, pushing, yelling at each other, bossing each other around, and apparently loving it. They were stuck together like glue. I don't understand it but it was wonderful to watch. :)

Finally when the room was closing at around 4 pm I gave the parents my phone number and email address and name and Johnathan's name - I doubt if they'll contact me but I hope they do, the kids really enjoyed being together and they deserve a shot at being friends.

Anyways after that we went and saw an IMAX movie on bears - bleh. It was ok, but a waste of the IMAX format. It would have been just as good - i.e. decent but nothing special - if it had been in a normal format.

After that we walked across the street to Central Park. I led the group through the footpaths (nature trails I guess) and took us across the park, and then we walked around for a while and then stopped at a playground where J rode the slide over and over and over again.

Tired, going to bed. I might post more or whatever later.

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