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Fuck fuck fuck...

DSL line is going down on the 10th. New one won't be installed for at least a week or two after that.

Why is this a big deal? Because I run my own domains off that line and so for a couple of weeks I'll be without my main email account and my websites will be offline. This blows.

In addition, I have to do oncall work and it may well be without DSL, which will make it much more difficult.

The DSL line is going away because Rhythms, who was providing the physical drop, is going bankrupt. I'll be moving to a Covad line, I believe, who are in service at least for another few months (sigh).

I mentioned it to my brother in law, who made some stupid comment about how I'd have to live like the rest of the world for a while. That annoyed me. When it comes down to it, for all of their bullshit excuses, most people choose to live without a fast internet connection. He could easily afford the $40-50 a month it'd cost him to get a fast connection if he wanted to, but he chooses not to. Most of you have cable tv, and go out to movies and lunch and order dinner and this and that, and the vast majority of the people whining about how slow their modems are and complaining about those of us with DSL/cable actually could afford to upgrade if they chose to. But they choose to eat out, or to have cable tv, or whatever, instead. Poor them nothing, they chose to prioritize it below other things. I have no cable tv, I don't go out and spend much on frivolous things, and I don't buy much for myself.

Being online is my job; watching the servers is what I do for a living; being able to reach the servers at work keeps me in house and home. It damn well IS a big deal when I lose my internet connection.

So to everyone who complains about the DSL/cable modem users out there when they could easily be one themselves: fuck you*.

For those of you who really can't afford the $50 a month: sorry. That rant wasn't aimed at you.

* - Statements like that earn me the title of jerk or asshole. Oh well. Tough shit. If you think that makes me a jerk or an asshole, fuck you too**.

** - Statements like that probably don't help either.

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