ntang (ntang) wrote,

dream and j

J woke me up, he was having a nosebleed and panicking (as usual). Woke me up from a really intense dream, too.

First off, J. He had a nosebleed, and was freaking out. This is, unfortunately, SOP for him. He panics at almost anything, and any sort of injury with blood just makes him go crazy. A scratch, a cut, a nosebleed, a scrape... he acts as if he's dying. I think he can thank his mother for that, who wasn't unfortunately much more graceful than he is during those sorts of incidents, although she had some historical psychological reasons at least. I think his problem is just that he was cared for primarily by her* for the first few years so he picked up on her reaction to injuries and blood and the like**.

Anyways, I calmed him down and got him cleaned up and whaddya know, once he wasn't dancing around acting like he was dying and sending his own blood pressure through the roof, it stopped, and now he's back in bed. Ta da.

Anyways, the dream. I don't remember most of it, I never do. I was woken up before it finished, too, which might not have helped. I do remember a bit, though.

The dream was... formatted like a movie. Specifically, like a bad 80's teen comedy. A lot of it took place in the high (?) school where we were attending, although I remember an earlier scene in a church, and I think before that in a restaurant. It had distinct scenes, too, people acting like they were in a bad 80's teen comedy, and the stereotypical characters - the dumb jocks, the pathetic nerds, etc.

There were a few odd things, though. For one, I knew some of the people there - they were ex-coworkers and such. This is odd simply because I didn't go to school with any of them, and some of my ex-coworkers are twice my age. I guess the dream faked their birth certificates like they were some sort of minor league illegal alien pitcher. Oh, and speaking of aliens - there were some. Or something. There were distinctly things that are not of this reality (meaning the one I'm currently occupying, and I realize you may not be in the same one, so you'll have to use your imagination) around us. Aliens maybe, or plant creatures, I dunno exactly what they were.

So somehow there's this rivalry between me and this other guy, who was one of my ex-coworkers. He did something to me that upset me, maybe hit me or beat me up or kicked me or something. So when we got inside church (I don't know either) I decided to get him back. We were waiting in some sort of line for something (the dream's fading as I type, so details are getting fuzzier and fuzzier) and I was the last person in line. We were all dressed in sweats and such too, as if we were at a sports game or maybe practice or something. Maybe we just came from one? Anyways he (my rival) walked in and got behind me in line, so when no one was looking I kicked him in the chest (I studied the martial arts in high school so this just seemed routine). He was standing in front of a huge stained glass window and went flying back, through it. D'oh! The entire thing shattered and broke, throwing him and a lot of glass shards and lead through the gaping window frame (and we're talking a big one, maybe from the ground to 20 feet up or something) outside. I cringed, and explained to the priest that I hadn't meant to do it. He seemed to accept that as an ok response. I dunno***.

There was some scene involving a doctor helping one of those alien/plant things to give birth. When they wheeled in my rival, almost dead and utterly trashed, he took the newborn plant thing and said something like "this'll do just fine!". Uh huh.

It cut to the high school then, and apparently I was on a team that was practicing, maybe the track team, I dunno, I just know we were running a lot. For whatever reason I left practice and started running up the stairs, maybe I forgot something, and then I heard it. Schlup, schlup, schlup. I turned my head, and he walked out.

It was him, my rival, walking out of a doorway and towards the stairwell. His head looked the same as normal, but his neck had a strange collar on with some sort of protrusion... and under his exercise clothes (sweatpants and shirt and windbreaker) he was, uh... well, a plant thing. The suckers on the bottom of his feet were making that sound. He walked down the stairway (schlup, schlup, schlup) until he was standing on the stair directly above me, and then the camera panned up for a direct closeup on his face****.

It was then that I got a good idea of what happened - apparently the doctor forced the growth of the plant thing, or maybe they just grow faster, and once it was approximately the size of his old body, the doctor cut their heads off and did a head transplant. Yeah. So now my rival had the body of one of the plant creatures, which made it green and with vines for hands (or maybe for fingers) and big round feet with lots of suction cup things on the bottom. Er, yeah.

I looked up at him and said I didn't want any trouble. He looked at my coldly, then said "Ok, fine" or something similar - and leaped off the stairway, using his newfound dexterity and sucker-feet to bounce off the walls and get down to the bottom that way. He looked up at me and then walked out.

It was a thinly veiled attempt to show his new body's superiority, I believe. Uh, yeah.

I ran up and did whatever needed doing, then I ran back down and jumped back onto the track and started doing my laps again. For some reason the coach didn't blink (or didn't notice!) at the fact that I had been missing for several laps. I have a feeling my rival was supposed to come zipping out of nowhere and race by me, but it's hard to tell as I was woken up at this point by J's knocking. D'oH!

That's all I guess. I wish I could remember more, there are a lot of missing details I want to fill in. Sigh.

* - We couldn't afford daycare so she stayed home and took care of him for almost 4 years. I'd argue she didn't exactly do a stellar job of it those 4 years, but she kept him alive, anyways. Once we could afford daycare, in he went.

** - Technically "the like" could be said to be just about anything - she was a bit of a panicker which is where I assume he got it.

*** - It was odd for two reasons. 1.) Why would not meaning to be an acceptable excuse? How do you accidentally kick someone in the chest? 2.) Shouldn't he have reacted a bit more? A guy just flew through the main stained glass window and out into the parking lot.

**** - Yes, "the camera" and "panned up". I'm telling you, the whole moviedream was shot like a cheesy 80's movie! Camera angles, cheesy music, horrible attempts at suspense and comedy, the works.

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