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...ok so I got back a couple of hours, and now I'm settled in and relaxed, so I'll post about my day and then get to bed.

Woke up around 8, gave J his breakfast and gave him clean clothes and then went back to bed (heh). Woke up around 9:30, threw on some clothes, and took him downstairs so we could get our haircuts. We finished with the haircuts and then came upstairs and played for a while, then got ready and headed out.

We missed the bus by about a minute (literally, it was at the stop when we were less than a block away) and then sat down to wait the hour until the next one came. D'oh.

Anyways, we caught the next bus around 2:30. After getting out we got him a new toothbrush and toothpaste, and then stopped for lunch in Burger King. Never fucking again, I swear - towards the end of our meal a cockroach walked across the table. How fucking nasty is that? I smashed the fucker with a napkin and left it there and then proceeded to pick up all our stuff and throw it in the trash and then we left. Ugh.

We took the 7 across to Grand Central and then rode the 4/5 up to 59th street. I've never gotten off there before - it worked out pretty well but good LORD there are a lot of steps (I think 5 flights) to get from the track to ground level, or maybe that was the transfer at GC, I forget. Anyways, we went into the Bloomie's entrance (it connects directly to the subway) and walked to the street through Bloomie's.

From there we walked to the park. We went in and went to the zoo. If you didn't know, now you do - there's a zoo in central park. It took a while, including everything else, so we didn't get there until around 4:40. The zoo closes at 5:30. D'oh. Fortunately, it's a small one. Also, since so few people know about it (I guess), it's not ridiculously crowded and unpleasant like the Bronx Zoo, for instance - we were there on the Saturday before Labor Day, for crissakes, and it still wasn't overly crowded.

We had a nice time there, a bit rushed, but he was impatient anyways. For some reason he got stuck on seeing toucans, but fortunately, they did have a couple. :) I was going to take a bunch of pictures but the batteries were dead in the camera. #@$@#%@#^% I did get 2 or 3 though. Damnit.

After the zoo closed, we walked around the park some. We stopped to watch a guy do a magic/juggling/comedy act. He was very self-deprecating and used a lot of humor, and it was fun. In the end he escaped from a straight-jacket in just slightly more than 60 seconds - I think from watching that he was "double-jointed" or whatever, maybe he dislocated his shoulder. Also, of course, it wasn't secured nearly as tightly as normal, but whatever. It was still somewhat impressive and he was amusing.

J of course wanted to go climbing all of the rocks in the park. I let him climb a few, but there were a lot that were just too big and steep and I wouldn't let him on those. (For those of you that haven't been to the park - it has big rocks jutting out of the grass in lots of places - by big, I mean 10 or 15 feet tall, sometimes taller, and 30 or 40 feet wide in places - like hills made out of solid stone. I assume when they were building the paths and such they occasionally hit these huge mofos while digging and decided to just leave them. I'm glad they did, they add an interesting character to the park and are a lot of fun to climb on. A few people were having picnics at the top of the rocks, which was cool. (There's generally a slope leading up to one side, and the other side is a sheer drop - I assume to make a safe way to get to the top for those not interesting in scaling them.)

While walking across the park we hit Delacorte Theater, walked around it, and saw an impromptu performance - around 6 or 7 people on various African-style drums and a few people dancing. Some of them were quite good, and others... not... but they all were having a lot of fun an a huge crowd formed to watch them. They did it in that little courtyard thing near the theater, with the overlook, so people were sitting on the stairs, standing around them, etc. Probably a couple hundred observers, some of whom left periodically to be replaced by people that stumbled across it.

After that we walked to one of the many playgrounds and he played in the sandbox and on the slides until 7 (maybe half an hour) and then we headed home. We got dinner in a sbarros-style place in the bus station, and then headed up and caught the bus and rode it home.

It was a nice day, overall. At one point while we were walking through the park J said to me that it was the best day he ever had. :) I know he's just a 6 year old and didn't really mean it but it made me feel good, and even better there was no real money involved - $4 for the zoo admission for both of us, a cheap dinner and lunch, and everything else was free. Oh, and I got us each something to drink in the park. We both had a fun time though and that's the point.

Incidentally, this is what I mean about the amount of life in NYC. Sure, maybe it's not all wildlife roaming free, but the city is so alive - there's a giant throbbing pulse in the city and it's so invigorating to be a part of it. To be part of the crowd enjoying (and in some cases jumping in to join) the dancers, to watch the comedian/juggler do his thing, to see the people walking and running and riding through the park, everyone happy an alive and enjoying the summer day, people sunning themselves by the hundreds on the lawns, kids and even some adults scrambling up and down the rocks, a wedding taking place on one lawn and a reception (same one maybe?) going on at the Tavern on the Green... there was so much happening and it was so vibrant... I don't know how anyone could consider this city cold or dead.

Anyways... g'nite all. Tomorrow we head back into the city, to spend a day at the American Museum of Natural History (www.amnh.org) and then some time in the park, maybe catch a movie or something. My brother in law will be tagging along. Should be fun. Heh, gotta get fresh batteries. ;)

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