ntang (ntang) wrote,


Remember the rant about people posting stupid crap? Well, someone posted some willfully stupid crap this time - after someone pointed out correctly that the included plugin already had the needed functionality and even showed how to do it, some jackass said "Or you could use curl" and proceeded to include a short bit of a script that wouldn't do nearly as much as the original plugin nor nearly as well.

That's like someone saying they tried rowing their speedboat across the river, but the current was too strong. So some kind soul points out that they've got a speedboat and shows them how to use it.

And then some idiot comes along with a log and a paddle and says "Or, you could take this here log, it's a beaut, and yer could paddle yerself across yon' river wif'out much trouble at all".


I was good, though, in my reply I only called it pointless and silly, and I didn't make comments about his breeding or his hygiene or anything.

I was tempted, though.

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