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The Giants played their final preseason game today in the afternoon. How dumb is that? I wanted to watch it, but instead I was at work, working.


I think this quote sums up what happened today:

"I have to take it in parts," said Fassel, who seemed much less angry than he was after the Jets game. "Our second and third groups don't play very smart football at all. But I thought I saw some things from our first group that were much better and I was happy with."

Basically, the Giants starters are looking pretty good. They have the potential to go back to the Superbowl or at least do pretty well. The backups all suck. (Now, it's worth noting that the "starting" team actually had a lot of backups, as something like 8 of the Giants starters missed the game due to injuries. So realistically about a quarter of the "starting" players were backups, meaning that the 2nd team isn't as weak as it seemed... but still...)

The Giants starters played for one quarter against the Ravens starters. Score at the end of the quarter: 6-0, Giants on top. Giants offensive production in the 1st quarter: 137 yards and 2 field goals. Final score: 38-9. Giants offensive production in the last 3 quarters (when the backups played): 104 yards and 1 field goal.

That's right, even playing against the Ravens' backups, the Giants backups racked up the yards at a pace less than one quarter of the rate of the Giants starters - against another backup unit! Bad, bad stuff.

Basically, if the starting team stays healthy, the Giants have the potential to accomplish some great things. If a significant number of them get injured, the Giants are going to suck turf all year.

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