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I like being an asshole and giving people a hard time, sometimes. Keeps the blood flowing.

Anyways... whilst riding yonder subway today (I think it was the R if I remember correctly) I heard a rather pathetic... bleating. Someone was playing two notes on a harmonica, over and over again, and rather poorly at that.

I looked around but couldn't get a clear view of the person so I ignored it and went back to looking out the window. (Sure, it's dark, but sometimes you can see passing cars or stations or other random things... in the PATH train one winter I saw a Christmas tree, colored lights and all, in an alcove off the track. I guess the maintenance crew put it there. I thought it was amusing.)


So after a minute or two, the incessant notes grew closer, and I turned and looked. There was a guy, dressed in slightly disheveled but altogether not terrible clothes, a t-shirt and jeans, with a cup in one hand and a harmonica held steady in his mouth by... a stump or something. His shirt covered it. I think it was supposed to look like a stump. Personally, I thought it looked awfully like someone taking advantage of their skinny frame to twist their arm under their shirt and make it look like their clenched fist at their shoulder was actually a stump. But maybe I'm just a cynical New Yorker that way. :) People gave him quite a bit of money. I almost reached out and pulled on the shirt to see if it was really a stump, but I decided against it. For one, while it would've been quite amusing I'm sure the people felt nice feeling sorry for the poor man and giving him change and they'd probably feel a bit embarrassed if I was right. For another (and this is the more pressing reason, I will admit) I could've been wrong and then I'd have looked utterly callous and people would hate me. I'm used to that in lj_dev but I try to avoid making that sort of impression in real life. ;)

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