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Had a long day today, but a pretty good one.

Woke up at some point. I think 8 am. Showered, got ready, got the baby ready. Realized I'd have to leave post-haste to catch the bus, so I skipped breakfast and just had a glass of water. Got to the bus stop and just missed the 10 am express but caught the 10:15 local. Could've also caught the 10:30 local and made it to the doctor with a little time to spare. i.e. I shouldn't have skipped breakfast.

The bus got into the station around 11 or 11:15, something like that. Took the baby off (lost his shoe in the process but the woman behind me was nice enough to offer to carry it out for me so I wouldn't have to try to pick it up - I was carrying the baby, his diaper bag, and the stroller, and was just a bit encumbered) the bus and walked to the subway. Took the 2 express up to 72nd from 42nd (single stop, so nice) and then walked over to the doctor's office.

Got to the doctor's office around 11:30 for the noon appointment. Sat around for a while with the baby. At around 12:05 they put us in a room, and weighed and checked the height of the baby. The nurse (or whatever, I don't think they're RNs, but they assist the doctor so I think of them that way) noticed that M was way behind in his shots. So I explained about the divorce and how I was trying to rectify it now but how it had sort of gotten forgotten in the confusion and chaos in the beginning. She said she understood and we'd just make it up as quickly as we could. The doctor came in a few minutes later and said she heard about us breaking up, and asked how it was going. I said it was ok, I had both kids right now but we hadn't finalized it. She said it must be very hard on me, asked if I had any help and I said my parents helped when they could. She nodded, then she commented that I had been the primary caregiver for the kids anyways. Then she gave him his shots - he cried while getting them but stopped almost immediately afterwards. Tough kid.

After that I walked back to the subway, we took the train back down to 42nd, and then I went into OfficeMax and got school supplies for my 6 year old and some printer paper for me. Then finally we headed back to the bus station and got there just 10 minutes before the 1:30 bus, which was cool, since the next one wasn't until 2:10 and I didn't feel like standing around for 40 minutes in the station.

I had to pee before getting on the bus but didn't want to miss it so I figured I could hold it this time. It got worse as time went on. Then my son wanted me to hold him which meant I had 30 pounds of baby on my bladder. Then it occurred to me, as I sat there dizzy and with a growing headache, that I hadn't eaten since dinner last night and that I hadn't had any liquid other than a glass of water in that same time frame. Oh dear.

Well, I made it home, and decided to drop him off at daycare for a few hours so I could recover. I then decided hell with it - I'm going to spoil myself damnit - so I went to the "Gourmet Pantry" and got myself salmon (in a honey/banana sauce, very nice), a piece of tomato stuffed w/ spinach and a bit of cheese (fairly plain) and a chocolate milkshake, and then went upstairs and setup a makeshift table on my balcony and sat out on my balcony and read and ate a (for me) leisurely lunch.

After that I felt a little better (took some tylenol as well, which helped a little) and then I forget what I did for a while, then I went downstairs to pick up the baby. Since I was picking him up early all of the daycare people were still there. It still amazes me after all this time how much they all love him - all of the women came over to collect hugs and kisses from him and say good bye to him. After that (it took a few minutes) we went back upstairs and I fed him and did stuff (I don't remember what, I'm tired) and then finally my dad arrived. We went shopping, and then my dad dropped me off (with the groceries, of course) back home and took the kids.

So I had a nice relaxing night tonight (mostly) and now tomorrow I'm going to meet up with a couple of former Kozmonauts and we're going to have lunch together, and then if we can manage it we're going to get tickets to the Shakespeare in the Park production and I'm going to see that with one of them tomorrow night (the other one has to leave before then). That should be a lot of fun. Star studded cast, too - Kevin Kline, Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Natalie Portman, John Goodman and others, and Mike Nichols directing... pretty impressive.

Then on Sunday I'm going to hang out with my brother in law and watch dvd's and play on the dreamcast and such, just a quiet day, and then my dad'll drop the baby off Sunday night and then the grind resumes on Monday morning. But I'm looking forward to the weekend anyways.

Now I'm going to bed because I'm exhausted. G'nite.

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