ntang (ntang) wrote,

Better and better...

...all of the doctor's at my normal doctor's office are out today, so some other office is covering for them.

Rather than haul him into NYC I'm trying to make an appointment with a local doctor. Hopefully some will still be accepting new patients. If I like them I'll probably just stick with them, as I'm honestly a bit tired of their current doctor. She seemed really good at first, worth the hour trip each way to see her, but as time has gone on I've felt she's been less and less personal and more and more distant, when she's even the doctor that's available. It just doesn't seem worth it any more, and since there... ok just got off the phone with the first. They said I'd have to go with the doctors covering for them, as since he'd be a first time patient they couldn't actually treat him or call in a prescription. Sigh.

Ok, so I guess I'm hauling him into NYC for this. :( Sigh, this really really sucks.

So it looks like I'm going to have to schedule a well checkup with one of these places or something if I actually want to have them available when he's sick. That sucks.

Sigh. I'm tired. I really didn't need this today. Anyways the covering office isn't open for a few more minutes. I'm going to go change the baby and feed him breakfast and then try again. Bleh.

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