ntang (ntang) wrote,


Finding indian food around here is easy. Why? Well, up on Murray Hill there's an intersection where there's an explosion of Indian restaurants - apparently, aptly nick-named Curry Hill. Oh how delightfully clever. Um, anyways.

So the good news is, there around around 10 or 15 Indian places within a block or two of that intersection (28th and Lexington if I remember correctly) plus Indian delis and groceries and the like.

The bad news is there are so damn many vegetarian-only Indian restaurants in the universe, and many of them are near that intersection. A lot of the better looking restaurants were vegetarian and I wanted some meat. A lot of the better looking restaurants were also a bit pricey (although not as bad as I feared).

Well, anyways, I got my chicken tikka masala and it was good. Not great - I've definitely had better - but good. Also got a piece of naan. And now, ah, my stomach is full and warm and I'm happy. Mmmmm.

Next time I'll try one of the nicer looking vegetarian places, but I really wanted chicken tikka masala today.
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