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Ok, so I've been using screen recently. Screen is a nifty little utility in unix that lets you have multiple command lines in one window. I'm not going to attempt to explain it, if you want to know more, go look it up.

The whole reason I've been using screen recently is because we have a crappy network connection to our cage, so every time our T1 dies all of my ssh sessions into the cage die as well. With screen, I just have one ssh session into the cage, and it then "blossoms" into several more which connect to each of the machines.

If I lose connectivity, I ssh back in, re-attach to my screen session, and all of my work is still there, easily accessible. Nice. Right?

Well, the problem is, screen periodically terminates while I'm switching between screen windows. So it kills all of those precious connections I was using screen to attempt to preserve. Nice. I use screen in multi-user (multi-view?) mode... screen -x. This is really nice for what I'm doing, but again, if it's going to die periodically, robs it of a lot of its point.


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