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A public service message: I'm grumpy when I'm tired. I'm grumpy in the morning.

And I really hate being called by nicknames. Nick, or Nicholas, both of those are fine. Anything else, shove it. Apparently I hadn't made this entirely, perfectly, abundantly clear. Depending on my mood, I can tolerate it sometimes, but generally, if you're not sure, stick with Nick. Oh, and don't wake me up. I really fucking hate being woken up.

My brother in law aimed me this morning and in the first line of it called me "nickers". I was already tired, and already not looking forward to today. This put me in an instant bad mood. I tried to be nice. I said I wasn't amused, and then left it. He asked me if I wanted some insecticide, and followed it up a minute later with "to kill the bug that crawled up your ass". And then he was surprised when I told him that if he was going to be an asshole he could just fuck off as I was too tired to deal with it. I reminded him that I don't like being called by stupid nicknames even when I'm in a good mood, and that generally when I'm tired and stressed that's an even worse time to do that. He said he didn't know about my aversion to them, that he was trying to be pleasant. Yeah, that's a wonderfully pleasant way to start off my day.

So now you all know. Nick is good. Nicholas, also good. Nicky, Nickers, Nickster, any of that stuff is bad. Once in a while, fine, but don't make a habit of it. And most importantly, if I say something is bothering me, don't be an asshole about it. I'm generally fairly relaxed about things. If something bothers me enough that I feel the need to mention it to you, it's time to stop.

So, whatever. I'm in a bad mood now, and hoping it will go away so I can have a decent day. This is not an attack on anyone (even him, really) but just a warning so none of you are taken by surprise if you do something stupid and it does upset me. If anyone was offended by this inadvertently, it's ok, I won't hold it against you. Feel free to take any comments and shove them up your ass.

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