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Ah, the joy of coding.

Got so much personal stuff to work on, forget about work. ;)

  • LJ::TextMessage needs a lot of work in various places, and a lot of testing. Sigh, don't want to do it... waah.

  • My image gallery needs drastic improvement on the html cleaner. I've been thinking about how best to approach it, but there are some tricky things that I'm having trouble wrestling with. Specifically, the fact that there can be < and > inside of " " and they need to be ignored. Not that tricky, I suppose, but it requires thought about the best way to manage it.

  • Lots of bugs in the other project for my friend. That one's more just for fun, though, so I don't care, and neither does he. Also, want to add a lot of new functionality. At some point I actually want to clean it up and release it to the world, I think it could actually be a pretty cool project in the end. Right now it's so minor as to not be worthwhile.

  • I wrote a patch for jaim (command-line AIM client) that added some away-notifications and some other minor things like that and submitted it a few months ago, but last I checked the maintainer hadn't made any changes nor added my patch. Actually the last few times I checked the homepage was down.
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