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Veni vidi vori!

(Roughly: I came, I saw, I ate*!)

So I managed to keep the sandwich down, although it did result in a bit of nausea for a while. Oh well. Better now.

Working on a perl script. Think I know what to do, just that my vision is getting a little blurry and I really don't want to sit here coding. I like working on it, just focusing on the screen and concentrating enough to write code is a real stretch for me right now.

Had a bad headache, which is now passably but still quite noticeable. Took some tylenol, went for a short walk, it helped. (I don't smoke, but I figure that shouldn't mean I don't get the occasional outside break.)

* - vori is where the english word voracious comes from; it implies to eat greedily, consume wildly, etc. Close enough for me.
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