ntang (ntang) wrote,

Quick comment

For anyone who still doesn't get it, that post with the comments in italics at the end was a bit of sarcastic humor. I used html tags to express my hatred of html... and while I can (look there's another one!) be rather dense at times I'm not quite that dense.

I am, however, a sarcastic bastard.

Be warned.

P.S. (Yep, I made it into work, and yeah, I'm feeling like crap although not quite as bad as before. We'll see how the day goes.)

P.P.S. (I actually am opposed to the abuse of html tags in a post. Embed is RIGHT OUT! So are any browser-specific tags, any weird textual formatting other than the basics... I think a, i, b, ul, li, cite, code, and a few others should be allowed, and the rest should be stripped. They aren't needed, and just get in the way of reading stuff. I ALSO think that anyone who posts a very long post, or includes multiple pictures, should use the handy-dandy <lj-cut> feature or have their fingers cut off, one per offense.)

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