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Here's a transcript of the chat session I had with the Gateway tech. They email it to you when you're done suffering. How nice.

Below is a transcript of messages exchanged and items sent.

Question: I recently purchased a dvd (crouching tiger) and tried two copies - neither works with the version of ravisent cineplayer that shipped with my gateway.

A Chat Agent will be with you shortly.

Andie: Hello Nicholas, welcome to the Gateway Chat Support Service. I am Andie, here to help you with your issue. Please wait a moment while I search for your customer information.

Nicholas: ok

Andie: Can you please tell me on whose name the system is registered to?

Nicholas: would the customer id help? [snip number]

Nicholas: It was purchased by [snip company name].

Andie: Thank you for the information, Nicholas.

Andie: Can you please tell me what exact problem you are facing when you try to play the DVDs?

Nicholas: Basically I know the DVD I purchased works, because I downloaded a trial copy of WinDVD and it plays fine in it. So I just want to know if there's a patch or update to Ravisent Cineplayer that might fix it.

Nicholas: When I insert the DVD, it opens up the video window, and sits there forever. No option to play or anything else. Other DVD's work, and that DVD works in WinDVD.

Andie: When this issue happens is there an error message? If so, could you please tell me the exact error message?

Nicholas: Nope, no error message. It just freezes. It looks like it's trying to read the dvd but can't. After a while the dvd drive stops spinning, but it keeps sitting there frozen.

Andie: Since when are you facing this problem?

Nicholas: Every time I try to play this one DVD. As I mentioned, every other DVD works with Cineplayer. I know it's not a bad DVD, though, since it works in WinDVD. :)

Andie: Did you try playing this DVD on some other system?

Nicholas: Nope, I've got no other systems to try it on. However I did try it with a different software player as I mentioned and it worked fine with that one.

Andie: Can you please tell me the name of the DVD with whom you are facing this problem?

Nicholas: Sure, it's the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon DVD.

Andie: Thank you for the information, Nicholas. Please wait while I search for you.

Nicholas: Ok, no problem.

Andie: Kindly let me know if the region code is set properly.

Nicholas: I'll double check.

Nicholas: Hmmm, to be honest I'm not sure how to tell what region Cineplayer is set to. It doesn't have any obvious option for regions, but every other region 1 dvd I've tried has worked ok.

Nicholas: Don't see any registry keys that look like they correspond to region settings either. hmmm.

Andie: Please hold on for a moment.

Andie: Please try to check if the Region Code for the DVD with whom you are facing this problem is region 1.

Nicholas: It is a region 1 DVD.

Andie: Kindly try to play this DVD on some other system to verify for any fault and also to check if it works fine on that system.

Nicholas: It works fine on -my- system using a different piece of software, as I mentioned. The DVD's fine.

Nicholas: I can watch it just fine, I just don't want to pay for a 2nd DVD decoder just to watch this one DVD.

Nicholas: I've already verified the DVD does work - it's just that Cineplayer chokes on it. Which is why I was asking if there are any patches or updates to Cineplayer.

Andie: Does the minimum requirements of the DVD match with that of the Cineplayer software, Nicholas?

Nicholas: It's not a DVD-ROM, just a standard video DVD. So yes, that should all be fine.

Andie: Please wait for a moment.

Nicholas: Ok.

Andie: I am sending you the URL of the page which contains an upgrade for the ravisent Cineplayer software. Please try to open the page in a new window to view the page.

Nicholas: Excellent, thanks.

Andie: The URL of the page is :- http://www.ravisentdirect.com/store/cmdvdup.html

Andie: Is there anything else with which I can assist you with this issue?

Nicholas: It's telling me I need to pay $30 to get the upgrade.

Nicholas: There's no upgrade that I can just download...? :/

Nicholas: Well, actually, there is something else I had a question about. I installed the Gateway Update tool, but it doesn't seem to be able to download any of the updates.

Andie: Unfortunately, the download is not a free download, Nicholas.

Nicholas: Ok, to the new problem: when I click on install in the Gateway Update tool and then download and install, I get this error: "Error connecting to update server. Server may be busy. Try again later."

Nicholas: However, I have tried at least (literally) 10 times at different times of the day and different days of the week and I always get that error. Any ideas?

Andie: I am sending you a page which will help you to download and install the gateway Update Utility. Please review the page.

Nicholas: I'm using version (core version - dl version is and decompression version is

Nicholas: I've already installed the Gateway Update tool. It's getting it to work that's the problem. :)

Andie: Kindly rephrase your last statement.

Nicholas: Ok... I installed the Gateway Update utility. When I try to actually use it to download an updated driver, it gives me the error I listed below.

Andie: I am extremely sorry, I am unable to help you with this issue. I am forwarding your issue to email Tech Support who will be in a better position to help you with this issue.

Nicholas: Ok.

Andie: Kindly wait for their response. They will respond to your issue via email.

Nicholas: Ok, sounds good.

Andie: Nicholas, for your convenience and future reference, you will receive a detailed transcript of our chat session and all page links provided today via e-mail. Thank you for using the Gateway Chat Center. Our chat session will now be closed. For your future reference, your event # for this issue is: [snip].

[Andie - user has closed this session]

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