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I've been spending the past 30 minutes dealing with an idiot at Gateway tech support, and now I just got this email:

Your MegaPath broadband service currently includes a DSL line provisioned via
Rhythms NetConnections. Last week, Rhythms filed for bankruptcy protection,
but has committed to maintain its network in service for a period long enough
to transition your DSL line to a different provider. In order to fulfill our
commitment to providing you with broadband service, MegaPath is pleased to
inform you that your DSL line will be transitioned to COVAD Communications with
minimal, if any, interruption in service.

MegaPath will do everything necessary to transfer your service to Covad with
minimal interruption in service. However, we will need your cooperation to make
that happen. Outlined below are the steps MegaPath will take to transfer your
service, and how you can work with us to ensure a smooth transition.

(etc. etc. etc.)

And of course, Covad is having its own financial issues.

About all I can say at this point is FUCK!!!!
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