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Weekend recap

Well, Friday night I got home, picked up the baby, and then packed and wrapped the presents. My dad picked us up at around 8:30 or so and we went down there. As soon as we got there and unpacked and such, and went to bed. I woke up relatively early (well, it was early for a Saturday morning when I didn't technically have to get up. Got showered, got ready, and then we headed out to my mom's place. We spent the day there, eating and celebrating my son's birthday. (He turned 6.)

After that, we went back, and my dad and the baby hit le sack. I stayed up most of the night watching tv (movies, my dad has digital 3 billion channel cable). Had insomnia... being down there does that to me, I get a lot on my mind and spend all night up watching tv and thinking about my life. So I did it once again.

Watched some good movies too. Saw The World is Not Enough, the James Bond movie. I still have to see the other one with Brosnan as Bond, the one with Michelle Yeoh as the Bond Girl. The bad-guy girl, she's gorgeous, I must say. My opinion of Denise Richards has also gone up considerably. While I still think she's got a somewhat ugly face (I can't stand those huge f'ing eyebrows) I will say she's got a nice body. I had no objection to seeing her wet and underwater in the sub scenes. Otherwise, though, she's still got those damn brows, and still is a lousy actress. Brosnan was, naturally, a... uh... natural. He fits the Bond role pretty well.

Let me ask you all something - when the hell did James Bond go to the Quake school of problem solving? I think more ammunition was used in this one Bond film than all of the rest put together - at least all of the ones I've seen.

The other movie I remember was a french film, the Horseman on the Roof. It was pretty good, about this Italian soldier trying to get home who helps a noblewoman get home as well, in the middle of an epidemic of cholera. Yes, period piece, costume drama, whatever you wanna call it. Juliette Binoche was the noblewoman, and I must say she's absolutely beautiful. I also must say cholera, assuming it was accurately portrayed, is a nasty disease. Gerard Depardieu also had a cameo in it, and there were several faces that looked familiar, but I don't watch enough foreign films to be conversant with their names unless they've also made it in US films, for the most part. It was a pretty good movie, I guess.

Woke up late Sunday, went back to my mom's place, spent some time with my son and brother, and then came back. Went shopping, got back, unpacked, put the baby to bed, put the laundry in... oh shit. Hehe. Ok, note to self, go finish laundry.

Um... blah blah blah. Ok, time to reboot. Sound died.

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