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Ugh, I feel like crap. I dunno if I can make it to work today like this. I'll get ready and see how I feel after a shower, but if I don't feel better I may just have to take a sick day.

(This is an unusual thing for me. I miss plenty of days due to my kids being sick, or other things like that, but because of that I generally don't take off due to sickness if at all humanly possible. Right now, though, I seriously don't know if I could make it through the day.)

Sickness checklist:

  • stuffed head (depending on how you define it, this could count even when I'm not sick.)

  • stiff, aching muscles

  • headache

  • sore throat

  • tiredness

  • slightly queasy stomach (it really is slight)

I can't think of anything else, I think that pretty much covers it. It's not the worst one ever, definitely, but I do feel kinda like I've been worked over with a baseball bat. Joy.

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