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Baby hurt himself... don't think it's too serious but better safe than sorry. Off to the emergency room. Back later, will update then.

Update: Baby's fine. Dropped something on his hand and hurt himself, some bruising, but nothing broken. Still took 3 hours total, due to having to go to the ER, then had to go to the childrens' priority care room, then had to have it checked, then had to get x-rays, then had to wait for them... so it's actually not surprising it took so long.

The Hackensack U. Medical Center is awesome. Looks like a freaking hotel. Really really posh place. Inside some of the areas - like the x-ray place - looks a bit old and whatever, but the children's area, the front entrance and ER, they're sweet. Someone's got a lot of money around here. Well, a lot of people do actually. Hehe, one reason I like this area.

Anyways... had a bowl of cereal early but no real dinner, kinda hungry. Methinks is time to eat.
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