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Lawyers, lawyers, everywhere...

...and not a drop to drink.



Saw the lawyer today. I liked her, I may take her as my lawyer if I can afford the damned fees. Then, I walked home afterwards. Long walk, I took the long (i.e. not-direct) route. I needed some time to think. Unfortunately, today was a terrible day to walk and think. It was hot and sticky and I chose a path that was probably over a mile, maybe more... I walk at a NYC pace and I was walking for over 30 minutes.

While walking, a guy came up next to me. He asked me if I spoke english. I glared at him briefly, and then said "yeah". He apologized, told me that he hadn't run into anyone speaking english for several blocks. Then he proceeded to tell me his story.

Apparently he had moved to Michigan, but drove back down to pick up his stuff. He's not homeless, as he's got a place to live for now, but is utterly broke. His truck was impounded after getting in trouble, and he's got no money, so he can't even eat.

I gave him the change in my pockets. That's a huge change for me. I'm your standard New Yorker - someone panhandles and my instinct is to ignore them, or tell them to fuck off if they don't accept me ignoring them. I actually liked doing it - felt good to help him a bit, rather than just blow him off.

After that I did the whole walky walky thinky thinky thing. Got back home around, uh, I forget when. Then I sat down, had a couple of glasses of water. Talked to some people online. Talked to my mother on the phone. Then picked up the baby. We watched Muppets from Space together, then I fed him and put him to bed.

Then spent quite a while chatting with friends. Did other stuff too but I can't remember what. Oh yeah, spent time online looking at stuff to get my son for his birthday. Now, bed.

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