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Weekend from HELL

I hate being on-call. This has been the weekend from Hell, I swear, I've gotten so many damn pages this weekend that my fingers are numb from hitting the buttons on my cell phone to view them all.

So after yesterday's fiasco with the load balancer, I had a relatively quiet night last night. Relatively. I got at least 6 hours of sleep, though, which is a massive improvement. Maybe more.

Now... one of the DB's is down with SCSI errors. The other senior admin had swapped out the SCSI cables on it this morning with brand new ones because of some errors we were seeing, and now they've exploded and taken down half the site. D'oh. He's going back over to check now and see what's wrong.

The baby's crying too, so I have to go take care of him, while the fire rages on at work. Fortunately unless something really weird happens the other guy can handle it for now. I could use some food too, I haven't eaten yet today. Sleep seemed more important than food.

Anyways... back to the grind. </whine>
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