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Another day...

...another dollar.

Hey wait a second, I don't get paid on weekends.


I was up most of the night as the junior admin chose, once again, to upgrade the load balancer on my on-call shift. If he does it again I will kill him in a slow and painful manner. Anyways, it didn't go well, and so I was getting paged all night long by the stuff that was breaking.

Fed the baby and changed him and put him in his crib and turned on the Saturday morning cartoons, then went back to bed to lie there and get paged every 5 minutes. After a while I dragged myself out of bed, having laid in it on and off for around 8 hours but having gotten maybe two or three hours of sleep in total, and then trundled over to the computer to take a better look at things. Every time I had gotten up in the middle of the night it had turned out to be a waste of time. This time it was too, except my boss was on so we chatted for a bit. Reminded myself of what a whore Solaris could be about compiling software, when I tried to build ntop on it. First off, ntop's autoconf sucks, and on top of that Solaris doesn't come with any of the standard gnu libraries and I wasn't about to load 'em all on just for one damn program.

So then I went back to bed and failed to sleep for about an hour when the baby started calling me. I got up, dragged the sleeping bag into the living room, and had lunch/breakfast with him. Brunch. Aww yeah.

I put the baby in his chair and outfitted him with standard morning fare - a baby cup of juice, some cheerios, some raisins, and some crackers. Nothing too wild, nothing unusual.

I dug around in the fridge trying to decide what to have. I noticed the jar of spaghetti sauce left over from last night, and eyed the spaghetti left from a week or so ago. I wanted something "real", not like soup or something light. I was hungry. So I pulled out the spaghetti, and promptly trashed it when I noticed the green at the bottom of the bag. Damnit.

I dug around some more, considered making myself a sandwich, but I didn't want cheese, and I didn't have any deli meat. Next. Looked through the freezer. Had some stuff, but none of it too appealing for breakfast. The cabinets had dried foods and cans, but I didn't feel like cooking just for breakfast. Then it occurred to me that cereal would work. So I poured myself a big bowl of raisin bran, and checked the milk in the fridge. Uh... doubtful. I didn't much feel like throwing up, so I decided not to risk it and dumped it down the sink and got myself a box of parmalat. Wonderful stuff - I guess similar to what they'd use in the military or other expeditions - it's milk in a box, stored at room temperature, until you open it. Great stuff, I can buy a few boxes and keep them in a cabinet for those times when I run out of milk. So I had a bowl of warm (ick) cereal, and then let the baby out and let him draw and run around while I laid on the sleeping bag wishing I could sleep some more.

Diddled around on the computer a bit, fixed a machine that had broked (the other junior admin had written a script to fix these automatically, but had forgotten about a bunch of scenarios, so while the script worked fine when it worked, the rest of the time it did nothing at all) and checked my email.

Then after spending some more time with the baby, I stuck him in his crib to watch the Teletubbies and now here I am. Trying to gather the energy to take a shower and take him out. Looks like a nice day. But I'm so tired. :/ Eyes hurt. Bleh. Remind me to break some kneecaps on Monday.

Eh. Shower. Glaaahhrg.

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