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How odd. I guess my problems have mainly been caused by stress. Having a weekend where I did nothing but veg out and play with the baby really helped I guess.

Except it's not -just- stress. Something else too, as I've had some quite stressful days/times recently. Yesterday was fairly stressful. The weekend had a very stressful few hours. Etc. Yet I feel like I have energy again.

Maybe it's my outlook on things? Maybe it's that I started taking vitamins again a few days ago? Maybe I was depressed and got over it?

I dunno. I'm glad it's fading (not gone yet, mind you) but I really wish I knew WHY - so I could avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Frustrating.

Now I'm teaching myself postgres and sql and writing a perl script that will use a db to store its data. Can you believe in all this time it's the first time I've done this? Can you believe I actually have the drive to do this?

This is awesome. :) (No, not learning this stuff, although that's definitely good. What's awesome is that I have the drive to do it for a change. Until recently I was slugging along and accomplishing nothing, or at least feeling no sense of accomplishment for what I did.)

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